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Director's Message

My Dear Students,
Greetings from BVIMR- New Delhi campus

Last two decades as you are aware have witnessed shift in the pendulum of world economy. This has necessiciated change in approach towards business, economic, social development and consequently growth which is both strategic and transformational in nature. Service sector grew horizontally and vertically whereas industry sector linked with economy displayed challenges.

Economy of India is the 10th largest in the world by nominal GDP and 3rd largest by Purchase Power Parity. Indian economy showed and maintained its position through out above period except slow down of around 5% for the year 2012-13 fiscal year compared to 6.2% in the previous year.

With overall improvement in the world economy, India is back in the business with projected annual GDP rate of over 6.4% and the world is focusing on India as favorate destination for investment in all sectors. This has a very important and significant message for all of us and in particularly for those at B Schools

Taking above as an opportunity, we at BVIMR have re-oriented our policies and believe in creation of leaders of enterprises and not just managers

Keeping in view, our belief that leaders contribute to make differences in all spheres of the organizations and ultimately the world around them, we aim to nurture students. This is resorted to by fostering the skill and enhancement of knowledge base of our students through various extra curricular, co-curricular and curricular activities through our faculty who keep themselves abreast by various Research and FDPs and attending Seminars/Conferences. This is based on extraction of reserves of good will among our Alumni, reputation among our recruiters and energetic potential students without forgetting commitment to society as a whole.

With updated and professional environment our faculty makes distinctive contribution not only to students but to Academia through publications, seminars, conferences apart from quality education. We also believe in corporate interaction including corporate projects undertaken by our students under continuous guidance of our faculty.These strategies / priorities are core of our efforts which has resulted in being one of the premier institute of management.

At BVIMR, we are imparting quality education in management at Doctorate, Post Graduate and Under Graduate level. More than 6000 students have graduated from the Institute since inception in 1991.

By above, we full fill our commitments to prospective students,organization and the parents.For any further clarification and update, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Prof (Dr.) A.K.Srivastav
Director In-charge