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Sports Meet

07th - 09th Jan, 2019

Sports Meet Rangoli at BVIMR Campus New Delhi

Dr. Vikas Nath, Director BVIMR New Delhi Along With The Students and Faculty Members Inaugurating The Sports Meet 2019

Students and Faculty Members Participating in Various Games During The Sports Meet

Playing is the only way the highest intelligence of human kind can unfold. ANNUAL SPORTS MEET 2019 had in all 13 various sports divided over the period of 3 days. Some of the events for the 3 days extravaganza were cricket, volleyball, basketball, carom, tug of war, 100 meter race, chess, darts, short put, etc.

Event in charge Dr. Pankaj Saini with his team of teachers and enthusiastic students made this event a great success. For the very first time in all these years, a sports council was formed comprising of 7 members. The students, teaching and non-teaching staff, everyone participated in different sports during the event with great enthusiasm and zest.